tankless water heaterThere are several advantages to tankless water heaters compared to a hot water tank.

Tankless water heaters, heat water on demand – only when required. This in turn saves money on unnecessary heating of the water tank, that is set to keep a constant temperature, even if not being used.

Tankless water heaters, can run indefinitely, giving a constant output of hot water. Compared to a hot water tank, this is a very welcome benefit. When a family of 4, take showers back to back, the last one may find themselves out of hot water, with few options other than waiting until hot water tank reheats in about 20-30 minutes. With a tankless water heater this is not an issue. You can run a dishwasher, a washing machine, and take showers simultaneously, and still have enough hot water for everyone. Call us at 647-990-2884 for a free estimate on your hot water needs in Vaughan, Toronto and GTA.